Summer Swear – Stick to Pastels!

Are you a fashionista who loves stocking her wardrobe with the latest trends or do you prefer to stick with what you have? Either way, you need to add some pastels to your collection this summer! The soft pastels are a classic and timeless. They NEVER go out of style, especially when you style them right. From pretty peaches to light blues, pastels are the perfect hues to compliment summer neutrals, such as whites or tans.

Once the domain of pinks and peaches, pastel clothing are now appearing in shades of lilac, baby blue, mint, and lemon. They soothe the restlessness and emit a sense of calm – the very things we need in these turbulent times.

Now, you may think, what’s the point – we are all locked in with minimal outdoor interaction. But hey, we humans are a tough breed. We will bounce back, and we will do it in style! Meanwhile, pastels are a fabulous choice for working from home and small intimate gatherings/ celebrations as they look chic and are understated.

Style UP with those Pastels

Like we mentioned earlier, there are ways to style UP your pastels to make them even more gorgeous and powerful, like:

Go Monochrome: Pick your favourite hue and stick to it throughout the outfit.

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Go double: Pick two harmonious pastels and pair them for an awesome look

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Go for pairing with neutrals: Pair your pastels with a neutral colour like tan or white to add an eye-popping effect

Go bold and bright: Add a bit of drama by pairing your pastels with a cool belt or jacket or any other accessory.

The clothes are just one part of the whole get-up. The best thing to wear is your attitude. Remember to stay cool, sport a non fussy-hairstyle, go minimal on the make-up, slip on some fancy footwear and you are good to rock Summer! And you know the best part? Pastels look awesome on screen. So if you are stuck at home, you can still manage to look like the coolest cat in town in your virtual calls with your team or a business meeting.

If you want to read more about pastels and the statement they make:

Stay cool!

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